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President Deaths in Order of Being President
Date of DeathPresident Place of DeathGrave Cause of Death
12-14-1799 George Washington Mount Vernon, Virginia Mount Vernon Estate
Mount Vernon, Virginia
07-04-1826 John Adams United First Parish Church
Quincy, Massachusetts
Quincy, Massachusetts Natural Causes
07-04-1826 Thomas Jefferson Monticello,
Charlottesville, Virginia
Monticello Estate
Charlottesville, Virginia
Natural Causes
06-28-1836 James Madison Montpelier, Virginia Montpelier Estate
Montpelier Station, Virginia
Natural Causes
07-04-1831 James Monroe New York City, New York Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond, Virginia
Natural Causes
02-23-1848 John Quincy Adams Capitol Building, Washington DC United First Parish Church
Quincy, Massachusetts
06-08-1845 Andrew Jackson Nashville, Tennessee The Hermitage
Nashville, Tennessee
tubercular hemorrhaging
07-24-1862 Martin Van Buren Kinderhook, New York Kinderhook Cemetery
Kinderhook, New York
Asthmatic suffocation
04-04-1841 William Henry Harrison The White House, Washington, DC Harrison Tomb
North Bend, Ohio
01-18-1862 John Tyler Richmond, Virginia Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond, Virginia
Respiratory failure
06-15-1849 James K Polk Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee State Capitol
Nashville, Tennessee
07-09-1850 Zachary Taylor The White House,
Washington, DC
Zachary Taylor National Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky
Heat stroke
03-08-1874 Millard Fillmore Buffalo, New York Forest Lawn Cemetery
Buffalo, New York
10-08-1869 Franklin Pierce Concord, New Hampshire Old North Cemetery
Concord, New Hampshire
Stomach inflammation
06-01-1868 James Buchanan Lancaster, Pennsylvania Woodward Hill Cemetery
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Respiratory failure
04-15-1865 Abraham Lincoln The Petersen Boarding House,
10th Street, Washington, DC
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Springfield, Illinois
Gun shot wound
07-31-1875 Andrew Johnson Carter's Station, Tennessee Andrew Johnson National Cemetery
Greeneville, Tennessee
07-23-1885 Ulysses S Grant Mount McGregor, New York General Grant National Memorial
New York, New York
Cancer of the tongue and tonsils
01-17-1893 Rutherford B Hayes Fremont, Ohio Hayes Presidential Center
Fremont, Ohio
Heart disease
09-19-1881 James Garfield Elberon, New Jersey Lake View Cemetery
Cleveland, Ohio
Gun shot wound
11-18-1886 Chester Arthur New York City, New York Albany Rural Cemetery
Albany, New York
03-13-1901 Benjamin Harrison Indianapolis, Indiana Crown Hill Cemetery
Indianapolis, Indiana
06-24-1908 Grover Cleveland Princeton, New Jersey Princeton Cemetery
Princeton, New Jersey
Stroke or intestinal obstruction
09-14-1901 William McKinley Buffalo, New York McKinley National
Memorial & Museum
Canton, Ohio
Gun shot wound
01-06-1919 Theodore Roosevelt Oyster Bay, LI, New York Young's Memorial Cemetery
Oyster Bay, LI, New York
Coronary embolism
03-08-1930 William H Taft His Home
Washington, DC
Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, Virginia Heart attack
02-03-1924 Woodrow Wilson 2340 S Street N.W., Washington, DC Washington National Cathedral
Washington DC
08-02-1923 Warren G Harding Palace Hotel, Suite 8064
San Francisco, California
Harding Tomb
Marion, Ohio
High blood pressure
01-05-1933 Calvin Coolidge Northampton, Massachusetts Plymouth Cemetery Heart failure
10-20-1964 Herbert Hoover New York City, New York Herbert Hoover
Library & Birthplace
West Branch, Iowa
Internal hemorrhaging
04-12-1945 Franklin D Roosevelt Warm Springs, Georgia FDR Presidential
Library & Museum
Hyde Park, New York
Cerebral hemorrhage
12-26-1972 Harry S Truman Kansas City, Missouri Truman Library & Museum
Independence, Missouri
Collapse of cardiovascular systems
03-28-1969 Dwight D Eisenhower Walter Reed Army Hospital,
Washington, DC
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library & Museum Heart disease
11-22-1963 John F Kennedy Parkland Memorial Hospital
Dallas, Texas
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, Virginia
Gun shot wounds
01-22-1973 Lyndon B Johnson Johnson City, Texas LBJ Ranch
Johnson City, Texas
Heart failure
04-22-1994 Richard M Nixon N.Y. Hospital
Cornell Medical Center, New York
Nixon Presidential Library,
Yorba Linda, California
Stroke & swelling of brain
12-26-2006 Gerald R Ford Home -- Rancho Mirage, California Ford Presidential
Library & Museum,
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Natural causes
06-05-2004 Ronald W Reagan Home -- Bel Air, California Reagan Presidential Library,
Simi Valley, California
Alzheimer's disease & pneumonia
President Deaths in Order of Age
Age at death President   Age at Death President
46.4John F Kennedy 70.3Rutherford B Hayes
49.8James Garfield 71.3Grover Cleveland
53.6James Polk 71.8John Tyler
56.1Abraham Lincoln 72.5William H. Taft
57.1Chester Arthur 73.2James Monroe
57.7Warren G Harding 74.2Millard Fillmore
58.6 William McKinley 74.2Millard Fillmore
60.2 Theodore Roosevelt 77.1 James Buchanan
60.5 Calvin Coolidge 78.2 Andrew Jackson
63.2 Franklin D Roosevelt 78.5 Dwight D Eisenhower
63.2 Ulysses S Grant 79.6Martin Van Buren
64.4 Lyndon B Johnson 80.6 John Quincy Adams
64.9Franklin Pierce 81.3Richard Nixon
65.6Zachary Taylor 83.2Thomas Jefferson
66.6Andrew Johnson 85.3James Madison
67.1Woodrow Wilson 88.6Harry S Truman
67.6Benjamin Harrison 90.2Herbert Hoover
67.8George Washington 93.3Ronald Wilson Reagan
68.1William H Harrison90.7 John Adams
 93.4Gerald Rudolph Ford
Presidents by Month of Death Presidents by Zodiac Signs
Month President Zodiac Sign President
January Calvin Coolidge
Theodore Roosevelt
Rutherford B Hayes
John Tyler
Lyndon B Johnson
Capricorn Richard Nixon January
Woodrow Wilson
Millard Fillmore
Andrew Johnson
February Woodrow Wilson
John Quincy Adams
Aquarius Franklin D. Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan
William Henry Harrison
Abraham Lincoln
March Millard Fillmore William H Taft
Benjamin Harrison
Dwight D Eisenhower
Pisces George Washington
Andrew Jackson
James Madison
Grover Cleveland
April William H Harrison
Franklin D Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln
Richard M Nixon
Taurus James Buchanan
Ulysses S. Grant
James Monroe
Harry Truman
May None Aries John Tyler March
Thomas Jefferson
June James Buchanan
Ronald W Reagan
Andrew Jackson
James K Polk
Grover Cleveland
James Madison
Gemini John F. Kennedy
George H. W. Bush
July John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
James Monroe
Zachary Taylor
Ulysses S Grant
Martin Van Buren
Andrew Johnson
Cancer Calvin Coolidge
George W. Bush
John Quincy Adams
Gerald Ford
August Warren G Harding Leo Barack Obama
Herbert Hoover
Bill Clinton
Benjamin Harrison
September William McKinley
James Garfield
Virgo Lyndon Johnson
William Howard Taft
October Franklin Pierce
Herbert Hoover
Libra Jimmy Carter
Rutherford B. Hayes
Chester Arthur
Dwight Eisenhower
November Chester Arthur
John F Kennedy
Scorpio Theodore Roosevelt
John Adams October
Warren Harding
James K. Polk
James Garfield
December George Washington
Harry S Truman
Gerald R Ford
Sagittarius Franklin Pierce
Zachary Taylor
Martin Van Buren