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Index of Bizarre News Articles

When President Lincoln Wore a Dress!
He had to disguise himself to get into Washingon for his inauguration

Body of Baby Mailed to San Francisco Hospital
The incident that sparked the law against sending dead, or live, bodies in the mail

Freak Accidents Resulting in Fright, Blindness, or Death
Out of the ordinary methods of dying

What if Feels Like to Be Buried Alive
He awoke in his coffin after being buried.

The Postmortem Career of John Wilkes Booth
His body travelled the carnival circuit for nearly 75 years

The Speech That Saved President Teddy Roosevelt's Life
It wasn't the words, but rather the manuscript itself that saved his life

Alexander Graham Bell and the Garfield Assassination
An invention of Bell's could have saved Garfield's life

A Man Who Was Certified Insane Was Elected to Congress.
Even though the voters knew it, they voted him into offce!