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It Could Have Been the
Dewey Defeats Truman of Sports History

Orel was pitching and it was 6 to nothing in the 7th game of the National League playoffs against the Mets. The work came out from the Los Angeles Daily News office that the chance they took looked like it was paying off and they could go ahead and distribute the 5,000 newspapers they printed at the end of the game that said "EXTRA -- DODGERS WIN!"

On Wednesday, October 12, 1988 it was decided by the Daily News to print a limited edition of the newspaper claiming that the Dodger's won the National League pennant in that night's 7th game of the playoffs. In talking to the sports department they told me it was decided to keep this edition under wraps until the end of the game just in case.

Not knowing any of this the night of the game it was a real surprise to me to see the Dodgers coming into the locker room after the game cheering and holding up the paper which stated "DODGERS WIN!" It seems to me that it was about 10:30 p.m. or so and at that moment I knew I had to have one of the papers. I threw off my P.J.'s and jumped into my clothes and drove like a madman to five or six newsstands, so that I wouldn't miss out. But, I kept thinking in my own mind how did the newspaper know the Dodgers were going to win? Of course, and no surprise to me, I couldn't find any papers at 11:00 p.m. that mentioned the Dodgers winning. Well, I decided that the next day I would call every newsstand in the Los Angeles area and track down a copy of that paper.

The next day I found out that the special edition of the Daily News was such a closely guarded secret that it took a number of calls and I talked to a number of people before they figured out that they had about 100 copies left and that they would go on sale at 1:00 p.m. I figured that they would sell like hot cakes and there would be a long line. It was now 11:55 a.m., so let's see, 70 miles to their offices and only 65 minutes going through the middle of downtown Los Angeles. Let's just say, what some of us won't go through to get a newspaper for our collection. I arrived at 1:10 p.m. and stood in this long line of a total of one (myself) to get a few copies.

After calling the sports department to get some more details of the special edition, I asked what if the Dodgers would have lost? They said that the paper wouldn't have been distributed, but they did admit that a number of copies got out before the game ended. I asked them if they knew the story of the "Dewey Defeats Truman" newspaper and could they relate this paper to the 1948 paper? They said they knew the story and again insisted that the special edition had been under wraps and was to stay that way to the end of the game.

So now the paper is only an interesting story and a nice headline of a National League team winning the pennant. But, what if, just what if the Dodgers would have lost and what if the Mets had won and what would those few papers that got out before the end of the game be worth in the future?

Ya, Ya, Brett. WHAT IF!!!!!