The American Civil War Spawned Many Firsts

General William T. Sherman is credited with making the statement: "War is Hell" during the American Civil War. While there is certainly truth to this statement, usually the rate of techology improvements arise out of war. The American Civil War is responsible for many firsts in American warfare and history. Some examples include:
  • Railroad artillery
  • A successful submarine
  • A "snorkel" breathing device
  • The periscope for trench warfare
  • Land-mine fields
  • Field trenches on a grand scale
  • Flame throwers
  • Wire entrapments
  • Military telegraph
  • Naval torpedoes
  • Aerial reconnaissance
  • Antiaircraft fire
  • Repating rifles
  • Telescopic sights for rifles
  • Long-range rifles for general use
  • Fixed ammunition
  • Ironclad navies
  • A steel ship
  • Revolving gun turrets
  • Military railroads
  • Organized medical and nursing corps
  • Hospital ships
  • Army ambulance corps
  • A workable machine gun
  • Legal voting for servicemen
  • U. S. Secret Service
  • The income tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Toabcco tax
  • Cigarette tax
  • American conscription
  • American bread lines
  • The Medal of Honor
  • A wide-ranging corps fo press correspondents in battle areas
  • Photography of battles
  • The bugle call "Taps"
  • First Negro U. S. Army officer (Major M. R. Delany)
  • American president assassinated
  • Department of Justice (Confederate)
  • Commissioned American Army chaplains
  • U. S. Navy admiral
  • Electrically exploded bombs and torpedoes
  • The wigwag signal code in battle
  • Wide-scale use of anesthetics for wounded
  • Organized aerial psychological warfare (Dropping of Lincoln's Amnesty Proclamation behind Southern lines.)
  • Camouflage outfits
  • Smoke screen for warfare
  • "Aircraft" carrier (for transporting balloons)
  • Flares
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As a Web site owner, I receive many emails each day. A few make me chuckle in how nieve some people can be. Below are two such emails I recently received.

"I just seen the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. More people were killed in the real story, right?"

"Send me details about the War."

An invasion on September 11
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FIRST INVASION: THE WAR OF 1812 is produced by Native Sun Productions for The History Channel®. Executive Producer for The History Channel is Dolores Gavin. Director/Executive Producer is Gary L. Foreman. Narrator is Edward Herrmann.

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August Contest

QUESTION: Who was the first American president to appear on television and where was he when it happened?

ANSWER: Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the 1939 Worlds Fair beld in New York City.

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This Month's Question:

1) What famous dictator was the British fighting simultaneously to fighting America in the War of 1812? (Hint: The answer can be found by watching the documentary FIRST INVASION: THE WAR OF 1812 on the History Channel, Sunday September 12, 2004 Eastern Time/Pacific Time.)

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