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The Truth Behind the Custer Massace

For whatever reason, history textbooks tend to make General Armstrong Custer out to be a headstrong fool and the Native Americans to be ~ez_ldquo~bloodthirsty,~ez_rdquo~ ~ez_ldquo~cut throats~ez_rdquo~ and ~ez_ldquo~savages.~ez_rdquo~ Reading primary source material covering this era in American history will paint an entirely different image of the Native Americans.

The Custer Massacre is not the only case of the military battling with the Native Americans in the 1870~ez_rsquo~s. In fact, for several years in the mid-1870~ez_rsquo~s there were dzens of cases of the military invading Native American camps and slaughtering the occupants. This era has become known as the Indian Wars. Reading July 1876 issues of various newspapers around the country paint an entirely different image of the Native Americans and Custer.

Baltimore Gazette: ~ez_ldquo~The war was caused by the extortions and cruelties and robberies of Grant's Indian Ring, and then the daring and intrepid Custer was sent with his slender band into the jaws of destruction. Grant sowed the seeds of war and Custer reaped the bravest of death.~ez_rdquo~

Baltimore Sun: ~ez_ldquo~While breaking our pledges with the Indians and in various ways exasperating them to vindictive retaliation, we have put arms into their hands and furnished them with ammunition to slaughter our troops and massacre our people in the outlying frontier settlements.~ez_rdquo~

Newburyport (Mass.) Herald: ~ez_ldquo~The Indians have been swindled and exasperated by our agents, and whenever they have been justly treated they have been friendly. When they have been swindled and abused they have revenged themselves with the most barbarous cruelty.~ez_rdquo~

Wilmington (Delaware) Herald: ~ez_ldquo~General Custer was an honorable, brave soldier. He appeared in Washington before an investigating committee and furnished evidence harrowing some of the President~ez_rsquo~s plan. For this he was reduced in rank and another appointed to take command of an expedition that he lost his life in. So, although humiliated by the President, he goes to his grave clothed in the honor of a brave man who died at his post.~ez_rdquo~

Elizabeth (New Jersey) Herald: ~ez_ldquo~Can the act of the administration in invading the Black Hills country and waging war upon the Sioux be justified? If not, General Grant is clearly responsible for the terrible fate that has befallen the gallant fellows who, at his command, have marched to an inglorious death, with no palpable object except to produce a sensation for political effect.~ez_rdquo~

Chicago Courier: ~ez_ldquo~The crime is not with the men in the ranks; it is not with the brave officers who led them on to death; it is with the corrupt administration that sacrifices the lives of brave men upon the altar of political and personal preference and promotion.~ez_rdquo~

Yonkers (New York) Graphic: ~ez_ldquo~In a fit of spite, President Grant degraded General Custer, who, in a position where he would not otherwise have been, was massacred at the head of the Seventh Regiment of cavalry by the Sioux Indians on the 25th of June. The entire command shared the fate of their daring leader. Naught but contempt can be felt for a President through whose jealousy and petty pique we are indebted for the murder of General Custer and his brave soldiers.~ez_rdquo~

Newark (New Jersey) Journal: ~ez_ldquo~Coming to Custer, how has he been treated? Because, against his wishes, he obeyed a subpoena of Congress and gave evidence terribly damaging to Grant~ez_rsquo~s beloved Belknap and other bosom friends, Grand defied decency and public sentiment and degraded the gallant officer, stripped him of his command. Custer may have been rash, but lack of brashness, impelling it, indeed, was the noble desire to completely wipe out the stain sought to be put upon him by President Grant.~ez_rdquo~

Cincinnati Gazette: ~ez_ldquo~For whatever other causes have helped kindle this war, the gold-hunting invasion of the Black Hills country was the present occasion. In this regard our vacillating course has given the Indians cause to think that our treaties would not protect their rights in any lands which attracted the greed of even the most lawless of our people."

Norfolk Virginian: ~ez_ldquo~He was insulted by the President and subordinated in his command of this expedition, because in obedience to a lawful summons he testified as to the corruptness of the post traders and army settlers, and it may be that it was the sting of disgrace that sent him recklessly into the thickest on the charge from which he emerged.~ez_rdquo~

Albany Argus: ~ez_ldquo~Custer was degraded from his command because he went to Washington without leave and testified to the rapacity of the administration. Stung with the sense of unjust treatment, the brilliant scholar and brave soldier offered up his life as a sacrifice for the very country which had grown so sordid as not to appreciate his worth. The administration is justly held responsible not only for the existing Indian War, but for the slaughter of Custer and his brave command.~ez_rdquo~

Baltimore Gazette: ~ez_ldquo~Grant can~ez_rsquo~t bear a high-spirited, honorable man. He likes the Babcock type of soldier better. The same spirit that makes him shield and protect Babcock now that he is known to be a rascal, made him send the gallant Custer back to his command and deprive him of his well-earned post of honor out there.~ez_rdquo~

So what is the ~ez_ldquo~bottom-line~ez_rdquo~ and truth behind the Custer Massacre? The United States government had signed treaties with various Native American tribes giving them their own sections of barren, unproductive land (reservations) and promising not to interfere with their ways in the future. Peace lasted only a short time as gold was discovered in the Black Hills. President Grant, due to greed, decided that they should take the land back at all costs. General Armstrong Custer was ordered by President Grant to invade Indian Territory and take the land back at all costs. Custer was faced with a lose-lose decision; defy the President and get court marshaled and hung or proceed with the battle and be killed. Some choice!

Something You Might Be Interested In

One night I was looking for something interesting to watch on television. Unfortunately, all of the shows I normally watch were reruns. I began clicking through the channels to see if I could find something I wanted to watch. As I clicked through the channels I stopped at the Health Channel. I didn't even know I had that channel on my cable service. It is not a premium channel and in my area one of the basic free channels.

The channel name itself may make many think it shows documentaries about nutrition, diet, exercise, etc. Instead they air documentaries about medical rarities. Some examples of documentaries include: "The Boy Who Was Born With No Skin," "The Woman Who Had a 180 Pound Tumor," "Conjoined Twins," "The Half Ton Man who Lost 750 Pounds," etc. (One particularily interesting fact I learned from the Conjoined Twins documentary was that of every 8 twin sets that are conceived, only one set is actually born. In the other 7 cases, one of the twins dies early on and is rejected from the womb.)

If you have cable or satellite television, check and see if your service carries the Health Channel. You might just like it.

New History Web Site Opens

As a fellow history buff, I have started a Web site devoted to gathering stories from everyday people about the homes and neighborhoods in which they have lived. I think that this is a rich source of anecdotal information that is worth documenting, hence my site - http://www.storyofmyhome.com.

It's a free site, and the information will be publicly posted. It is very possible that this method of gathering information could help many people uncover/solve questions about their own family histories.

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    July Brain Teaser

    You have observed that if you throw a tennis ball against a wall, it will stop and return to you. Simple. But how would you throw the same ball so it would completely stop, reverse itself and return to you even though it has hit nothing and is connected to nothing?

    Answer: Throw the ball into the air.

    August Brain Teaser

    Inside the drawer of a dressing-table in a dark room, there are 28 black socks and 28 brown socks. What is the minimum number of socks that you must take out of the drawer to guarantee that you have a matching pair?

    Answer: Next issue. (No prizes offered for correct answer.)

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    July Contest

    GRAND PRIZE QUESTION:There has only been one person that served as President of the United States AND Supreme Court Justice. Who was he?

    GRAND PRIZE ANSWER: William Howard Taft

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    ANSWER: Russia

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