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Amazing Herbal Remedy Discovered in 1585

In 1585, Sir Walter Raliegh organized a British expedition to establish a new colony in Vriginia. With him as Thomas Hariot, a surveyer and historian. Hariot spent a year at the Roanoke Colony and wrote a book detailing his experiences.

In his account, Hariot told of discovering an astonishing herabal remedy called uppowoc that was cultivated by area Native Americans. He claimed it opened the passages and pores. He marveled at how by using uppowoc bodies became well-preserved and free of disease. Intrigued, the colonists tried using it themselves and discovered many amazing results. Thus, they brought it back to England to cultivate and grow their own.

This same herb is still available today and used by many. However, now the medical qualities are now thought as being harmful to use. The name of this herb? Tobaccoo!

Have an Extra FIVE Million Dollars Laying Around?

From time to time I conduct a search on Ebay using the term "lincoln assassination." Imagine my surpise when I found one result that offered a photograph of a young Abraham Lincoln with a minimum bid of $5,000,000.00! Although bidding has ended for this item - and NO bids - it can still be viewed at http://cgi.ebay.com/Daguerreotype-of-Young-Abraham-Lincoln_W0QQitemZ7376789485QQcategoryZ66465QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

To the dreamers in many of us!

Beer and the Mayflower

The Mayflower was headed for Virginia and sailed from Plymouth, Devon, Egnalnd on September 6, 1620. A bad storm blew the ship off course and they ended up landing off shore in Massachusetts. Rather than going south to Virginia, they put ashore at Plymouth Rock.

One Pilgrim's journal state: "We could not take time for further search or consideration, our victuals (sic food) being much spent, especially our beere."

YES! The pilgrims made port because they ran out of beer! In those days beer was considered an essential and healthy part of everyone's daily life. Ironically, water was considered suspect since it could carry disease. The Mayflower had set out from Endland loaded with beer barrels and were almost gone upon arrival to the Massachusetts shore.

Once ashore, the Pilgrims promptly erected a brewery and got to work brewing up a new batch. Thus, Plymouth, Massachusetts became the historic home of the Pilgrims because they needed to make a beer run!

Virtual Tours of the Moon

I am becoming highly intersted in virtual reality photography. If you've shopped for a new home, or booked a hotel room online, you have likely encountered virtual reality. This is where, by moving your mouse left or right, you can see all of the room. It recreates the image as if you were standing in the middle of the room and slowly turned around 360 degrees. I thought virtual phtography was relatively new - perhaps in the last six or so years. I discovered it is not that new.

While surfing the Web for examples of virtual reality, I discovered a Web site that included virtual tours of the Moon, Mars, Las Vegas, Royal Wedding and more! Virtual reality photography go as far back as 1969! There are over 160 virtual tours on this site! Prepare to spend several hours at this Web site! The URL for this site is: http://www.panoramas.dk/archive.html

February Brain Teaser

A man is offering to sell coins bearing the date 55 B.C. Pictured on the coin is Julius Caesar Imperator & Dictator. No one buys them. Why not? (Hint: This is the correct emperor for that date and authentic coins bearing Julius Caesar's likeness do exist from that era.)

Answer: Nothing could actually include the "B.C." in the year until after the birth of Christ. Afterall, no one knew when the birth of Christ until AFTER he was born.

March Brain Teaser

What do the following words have in common: DEFT, FIRST, CALMNESS, CANOPY, LAUGHING, STUPID, HIJACK?

Answer: Next issue. (No prizes offered for correct answer.)

PS: If you make any money by winning bets on these brain teasers, a little commission would be nice :-)

February Contest

QUESTION: Who was the first American president born in the United States but NOT in one of the original thirteen colonies that became states?

ANSWER: Abraham Lincoln.

Forty-two people entered the contest. seven were disqualifed due to an incorrect subject heading, incorrect answer, or did not indicate which ONE prize they wanted if they won. This left thirty-five people still eligible to win. Four prizes went unclaimed.
The February contest winners were:
  • Ignacio Camargo - California
  • Saul Pachman - New Jersey
  • Harry Van Noy - Indiana
  • Terry Barton - Tennessee
  • M. Dailey - California
  • Linda L. Walker - New Hampshire
  • Chassie Klinekole - Texas

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Alternate Contest Question: On July 4th, 1826 two founding fathers and former presidents died. Who were they?

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Grand Prize
(One winner will be selected)

McKinley Assassination Newspapers - 1901
Two original newspapers covering the aftermath of the McKinley assassination and from the city where he was shot. It is ironic that the headlines state that McKinley was sure to live.
Alternate Contest Prizes
Alternate Contest Prizes (Only one of each offered)

Hometown Story (1952)
Early Marilyn Monroe movie

AF/FM Radio
Replica of an old radio
microphone with an
AM/FM radio inside

Music CD
Three CD set of Golden Oldies Music

  • Spooky - Dennis Yost & Classic IV
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens
  • Love Potion Number 9 - Searchers
  • Cathy's Clown _ Everely Brothers
  • Harbor Lights - Platters
  • Save the Last Dance For Me - Drifters
  • This Diamond Ring - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
  • Plus 30 more songs!

Virtual Tours of Major Museums
Five DVD Set. Take virtual tours of:
  • Smithsonian Institution (2 DVD's)
  • The Louvre (3 DVD's)

  • Original Historic Newspapers

    Original The New-York Columbian historic newspaper from 1813

    Original The Atlas (Boston) historic newspaper from 1838

    Original National Intelligencer (Washington, DC) historic newspaper from 1848

    Original Evansville Daily Journal (Indiana) historic newspaper from 1853

    Original Portland Transcript (Maine) historic newspaper from 1880
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