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Atlas of Known April 15, 1865 Newspaper Reprints
How this work was compiled: I have been collecting Lincoln assassination newspapers for over 45 years. The editions here were primarily purchased by me over the years. A few are owned by the Michigan State University Museum. For backgrounds on the companies that produced these, I contacted the local historical societies involved for when they were printed. Some clearly state in the edition what year it was produced - such as Kitchel's Liniment. For other patent medicine companies often the testimonials would bear a date. In two cases, a specific year could not be determined from the reprint itself. For these I checked city directories for the companies and was able to at least determine a few year spread that the company was in business. For these, rather than a specific year, I picked the middle year they were in business, e.g. In business 1901-1905, thus ca. 1903.
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Advertising Reprint Editions
Most of these reprints were produced by companies for advertising purposes. In most cases, pages 1 and 4 contained news of Lincoln's assassination, while pages 2 and 3 contained full-page ads and testimonials for their products - mostly for patent medicine. The reprints were given away at county fairs, Grange conventions, and any other place that drew large crowds. The theory was that, if they just handed a person a flyer for their product, most would quickly be thrown away. By printing their ad in a newspaper for Lincoln~ez_rsquo~s assassination, they would save it. Then weeks later, when they had a need for their patent medicine, they would dig out their newspaper and, hopefully, buy their product. In addition, by having their ads in a well-known newspaper, it would add credibility to their product. (Click the year to see all pages of that version.)
Kitchel's Liniment: 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1896, 1900, 1901, 1905
As far as can be determined, Kitchel's produced a new reprint each year from 1890 to 1908. If you have one of the years missing here, please let me know.
Smith's Buchu Lithia Pills: 1889
This reprint is one of the hardest to find.
Dr. Archambault's Paris Vital Sparks: 1895
MA-LE-NA: Version One: 1896, Version Two: 1896
Genesse Pure Food Company: (Grain-O-Coffee) 1900
The only reprint printed on rag linen paper and is one of the most common reprint editions.

This version has at the top center margin the phrase (PLANOGRAPHIC REPRINT). Otherwise it is the same as the other verison. 1900-2

Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis Railrod: 1889
This reprint is one of the hardest to find.
Mutual Union Association: ca. 1903
Niagara Rheumatic Cure - 1896
New Home Sewing Machines - Example needed
Marshall's Medicine Co. Kansas City, Missouri: 1898
Printed on low-grade woodpulp.
German-American Staff of Physicians and Surgeons in Kansas City, MO - ca. 1900-1910
Souvenir/News Reprint Editions
These editions were sold at Civil War and Abraham Lincoln souvenir shops from the late 1800s to the present. BackNumber Bud was a mail order firm in New York City that also sold them.
Ford's Theatre: 1950-2010
Printed on parchment-like paper and sold for over 60 years at the Ford's Theatre souvenir shop
The Emporium (Washington, DC): 1898 1901
M. Wakeley: 1899
Demas Barns & Company: 1887
BackNumber Bud: 1876
Sold at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition
Publisher unknown: Year Unknown
Knott's Berry Farm: 1970s
Printed on tan paper and sold at souvenir shop in 1970s (Back side blank)
H. M. Barnet - Minneapolis, Minnesota Year Unknown
Enterprize News Agency: ca. 1962
Sold at Civil War souvenir shops - Published by Enterprize News Agency - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Published by J. G. Shipley - Montezuma, Iowa 1916
Publisher Unknown Year Unknown
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam Reprint: 1889
Patterned after the New York Herald - there WAS NOT a real newspaper titled The New York Special
Angle Publishing ca. 1992
Photomechanical reproduction