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Arcadia Sheriff
Tells How Barrow
Drove Into Trap

Report That Outlaws
Planned to Rob Bank
Led to Ambuscade

BY SHERIFF HENDERSON JORDAN, Of Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Eyewitness to the slaying of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

ARCADIA, La., May 23 - I have been working on this case about six weeks. I received a tip Wednesday that Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were coming through the lower part of Bienville Parish and going to the northern part of Natchitoches Parish. We began checking on this I put an undercover man on this job I had him stationed in Shreveport Upon getting a tip, that Barrow and Parker figured on fobbing the First National Bank of Arcadia, I got in touch with Frank Hamer, ex-Captain of the Texas rangers, and R. F. Alcorn, Dallas County Deputy Sheriff I had to get some one who knew Barrow and Parker personally in order not to make a mistake in shooting them if we found them.

Tuesday night I received a tip they would be on the Jamestown-Sailcs road Wednesday morning. With Captain Hamer. Bob Alcorn and Ted Hinton, Dallas Reputy Sheriffs; M.T. Gault, Texas highway patrolman, and P. M. Oakley, one of my Bienville Parish deputies, I drove out the road and picked out a place to wait for them.We chose a natural barricade at the top of a little hill, and we secreted ourselves on the left-hand side of the road and waited for the car to come by.

Alcorn, who personally knew Barrow and Parker, sighted their car a quarter of a mile away and told us that was them. When the car got within 100 yards coming up the grade, Alcorn said: "That's them boys."

About that time the car, which was meeting a truck, slowed down. We hollered to Barrow to halt as we wished to give them a chance. They went for their guns and we let them have it.

In the car we Tound three submachhine guns, two automatic sawed-off shotguns, four .45-caliber automatic pistols, two .38-caliber automatic pistoLs and one .45-caliber revolver, so a large quantity of ammunition.