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Part of Parker's Childhood
Was Lived in Oklahoma Town
Where Pair Killed Constable

MIAMI, Ok., May 23 - The prime-stained career of Bonnie Parker began not far from the little mining town of Commerce, ten miles north of here, where she and her gangster companion, Clyde Barrow, made their last cold-blooded attack on the law last April 6.

At Commerce she and Barrow and another man, believed to have been Henry Methvin. a fugitive convict, shot and killed Cal Campbell, 63-year-old Constable, and wounded and kidnaped Percy Boyd, police chief. The two officers had tried to question the trio, whose car had been pulled from a mudhole a few moments before.

While the officers reached for their pistols they were shot down by the rapid fire of automatic rifles Boyd was taken as hostage for a fourteen-hour ride through Oklahoma and Kansas before being released near Fort Smith at midnight.

Bonnie was born and reared at Caney, Kan.. not far over the Kansas-Oklahoma line, and from 1925 through 1928 lived at Commerce and Picher. Ok.

She had no criminal record here, however, prior to the Commerce affray. During her residence in the county she made many contacts that provided refuge for herself and Barrow when they were hard pressed, 0. F. Mason, former County Attorney, said. Ottawa County was a favorite resting place for the gang.

Last winter, after a bloody battle with Fort Worth officers, she and Barrow abandoned a stolen auto near here and were flushed a few nights later from a temporarily unoccupied house in Vinita, where they had hidden.

Boyd exulted Wednesday when told that Barrow and Bonnie were shot down in Louisiana.

It's lucky some officers were not killed," he said. Sheriff Dee Waters, advised of their deaths, withdrew special deputies who had been assigned a ceaseless watch at two alleged Barrow hideouts near Miami.

Deputy Sheriff Wesley Gage of Creek County also ended a day and night vigil at a home he had believed "that of Bonnie's mother near sapulpa.